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Cold: how to protect your best friend

The cold is getting closer, isn’t it? To help you protect your pet on cold days,

we have selected some important tips. We know that low temperatures affect

less those pets that live in the house, as a house is enough to keep them from

getting cold. However, for those who spend much time outside, the

recommendation is that they do not have direct contact with cold floor. There

are several ways to keep the pet’s houses warm, with options that range from

using an old blanket to covering the pet’s house with rubber. Newspapers,

rugs, mats and wooden platforms may also help a lot.

Another important point: there is a myth that pets don’t need to be bathed

when it’s cold. Apart from being unhygienic, if you

leave your pet dirty, that can

be bad for its health as well as cause some serious problems. Ideally, baths

should be regular, however, some extra care should be taken. Always use

warm water, dry the pet well and do not let the pet go outside for, at least, 30

minutes after bath. Also, the bathing area cannot be cold, and air currents

should be avoided.

For the pet’s well-being and protection, playing can help keep its body warm.

Encouraging a dog to exercise is essential even to avoid weight gain during

periods of low temperatures, since animals tend to eat more during these

seasons. It’s also worth remembering that a high fat intake may cause

cardiovascular, liver and spine diseases.

You can still take your pet for a walk, but that should be done during the

warmest times of the day. Midday is the perfect time for that, as the

temperature tends to increase. Avoiding walking your pet early in the morning

or after 6 p.m. so that it does not get a cold, for example.

Do not forget the vet

Keeping your pet warm is a way to make it happy. In addition, you must follow

strictly the recommendation of taking it to the vet regularly. After all, you want

your pet to be healthy all year round, so that it is strong for the winter. Finally,

vaccination is the best way to prevent some winter illnesses, which also makes

the visits to the vet so important in all stages of the pet’s life. When you love,

you care and protect!

Luana Sartori

Veterinarian for Nutrire Indústria de Alimentos Ltd.


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