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Dogs can help prevent heart disease and even reduce the risk of allergies in children

The State University of New York, in the United States, reported the result of a

study that showed the importance of pets to reduce people’s stress. However,

stressed adults are not the only ones who can benefit from having a dog, for

example, as it has also been proven that children’s brains act positively due to

the substances produced by these types of connections.

According to Dr. Luana Sartori, who works as a veterinarian at Nutrire (a high-

performance pet food company), the contact with pets increases the

production of endorphins, which stimulate the feeling of well-being, comfort

and joy when released. “In addition to endorphins, there is an increase in the

production of another substance from the relationship between pets and their

owners: oxytocin, which promotes affection and lowers blood pressure,” she


Researchers Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods, involved with the evolutionary

anthropology field at Duke University, in the United States, state that the same

exchange of affection between people also happens between different


“Recently, Albert Einstein hospital, in São Paulo, started allowing pets to visit

their owners who are hospitalized, and the humanization of treatment is a

consequence of the positive impacts pets may have on healing,” explains Dr.

Luana. Also, several institutions and NGOs offer the so-called Pet Therapy and

take pets to healthcare institutions. “There are, obviously, safety and hygiene

measures that need to be followed, which are determined by each healthcare

institution,” she adds.

Dogs are also responsible for lowering children’s risk of developing allergies,

according to a study carried out at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The

research showed that the chances of having this kind of problem are 33%

lower if the child has a pet. As stated by the researcher who was responsible

for the study, children even build a stronger immune system due to the contact

with a pet.

Besides, dogs and cats can help you preserve heart health, as reported by

both the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National

Institute of Health (NIH), in the United States. Some research also suggests

that owning a pet can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

“Overall, having pets only brings benefits to children, adults as well as elderly

people. Pets are empathic, supportive and very loyal to their owners. This is

what builds a close relationship of trust and affection between pet and owner.

And that is what spreads all good energy pets are able to share,” adds Luana.


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