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Monello Select Chicken & Rice

Monello Select Chicken & Rice is a high performance special premium food that exclusively uses chicken as a source of animal protein, providing high digestibility and helping to maintain the musculature of adult dogs of all breeds. With no artificial coloring and flavoring, Monello Select Chicken & Rice is low in sodium and contains an antioxidant complex made up of vitamins, oils and zinc and selenium minerals that help in health and to promote your dog's longevity. In addition, it has prebiotics and Yucca schidigera that act at the intestinal level, improving the absorption of nutrients and reducing the odor of feces.

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Guaranteed Analisis
Crude protein (min.) 240g/kg (24%)
Crude fat (min.) 120g/kg (12%)
Crude fiber (max.) 30g/kg (3%)
Ash (max.) 90g/kg (9%)
Calcium (min./max.) 10g/kg-22g/kg (1,0 - 2,2%)
Phosphorus (min./max.) 8000mg/kg-16g/kg (0,8% - 1,6%)
Sodium (min.) 1700mg/kg (0,17%)
Ômega 3 (mín.) 2000mg/kg (0,2%)
Ômega 6 (mín.) 20g/Kg (2%)
Saponin (min.) 12mg/kg
Mannanoligosaccharides (min.) 70mg/kg
Vitamin E (min.) 200UI/kg
Vitamin C (min.) 100mg/kg
Zinc (min.) 130mg/kg
Selenium (min.) 0,3mg/kg
Potassium (min.) 5000mg/kg
Moisture (max.) 100g/kg (10%)
Metabolizable Energy 3700kcal/kg
Weight Bar Code
15Kg 7898349701602

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