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Monello Select Puppies

Puppies are subject to multiple stressors in the early stages of life. A diet with formulation of balanced quality can aid in healthy development.

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Guaranteed Analisis
Crude Protein (mín.) 300g/kg (30%)
Crude fat (mín.) 120g/kg (12%)
Crude fiber (máx.) 28g/kg (2,8%)
Ash (máx.) 90g/kg (9%)
Calcium (mín. / máx.) 10g/kg - 18g/kg (1,0- 1,8%)
Phosphorus (mín. / máx.) 8000mg/kg -16g/kg (0,8 -1,6%)
Sodium (mín.) 2000mg/kg (0,20%)
Linolenic acid 2200mg/kg (0,22%)
Linoleic acid 30g/kg (3%)
Saponin (mín.) 12mg/kg
Mannan oligosaccharides(mín.) 240mg/kg
Beta-glucans (mín.) 600mg/kg
Vitamin E (mín.) 200UI/kg
Vitamin C (mín.) 100mg/kg
Zinc (mín.) 130mg/kg
Selenium (mín.) 0,3mg/kg
Potassium (mín.) 5000mg/kg
Moisture (máx.) 100g/kg (10%)
Metabolizable Energy 3700kcal/kg
Weight Bar Code
2kg 7898349701763
7kg 7898349701770
15kg 7898349701787

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