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Monello’s new packages for you

Nutrire launched Monello’s brand revitalization and package redesign. Its new slogan “What defines a family is love” reinforces the concept that pets play a particularly important role for families in Brazil. “Nowadays, there are more pets than children in Brazilian homes; therefore, we decided to renew our brand’s identity, by bringing tutors and pets even closer. In addition, the packages will have a Greenlike label, another innovation in the industry,” Thaís Tomasi, Marketing Analyst at Nutrire, explains.

Greenlike label

The Greenlike project aims to unify activities promoted by the company, as well as actions with store owners and consumers of the brand’s products, in a joint and collective action, reaching the approximately 30 countries where the brand is present. “Nutrire has always developed social and environmental activities, both recommended internal practices and external activities, whether by NGOs or associations, and reaching the end consumer. However, these activities used to be somewhat individual, which was also due to the physical distance from its operations. Now, Greenlike emerges as an option for a uniform voice to products and processes,” she says.

The idea of ​​the company, with headquarters in Minas Gerais and in Rio Grande do Sul, is to establish the same line of communication between the head office and the branch. Celebrating its 20-year anniversary this month, the company has updated its expansion plan and aims to be reaching at least 50 countries by 2025. Currently, the business is focusing primarily on Central America as a new market. Besides, Nutrire entered three new markets abroad recently: Iraq, Yemen, and Israel. With a total of approximately USD 60,000.00, the first orders will be shipped in the next few days.

Pets are members of the family

Besides the campaigns alluding to the company’s anniversary, there is another one which defends the inclusion of pets in the definition of “family” in the main Brazilian dictionaries. The project suggests the new concept to be: feminine noun; fam-i-ly: a group of individuals who share the same household, usually parents, children, siblings, grandparents, and pets. “As language is alive and constantly changing, the old definition of the entry ‘family’ is, in general, outdated, as it does not bring the word ‘pets’ officially in its definition, considering the main dictionaries in the country,” says Giane Danielli, Nutrire’s Export Manager.

 Brazil has the second largest population of dogs, cats, songbirds, and ornamental birds in the world. There are 54.2 million dogs, 23.9 million cats, 19.1 million fish, 39.8 million birds and over 2.3 million other species in Brazilian households.


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