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My dog is entering the “golden years”, now what?

Agility and energy are no longer the same as in the past, hearing loss is

noticed, there’s some grey hair in the dog’s muzzle, ears, and extremities of

the paws. These are some signs that your dog is reaching a stage of life that

comes with lots of concerns.

The question is: when is my pet considered a senior? Well, there isn’t an easy

answer to this question, since age itself is not a good indicator. Besides, it

varies according to each dog’s breed, size, health care and food intake.

The most important thing is to be aware of signs and take the pet to the vet at

least twice a year. Only a specialist is able to carry out the necessary tests to

identify whether the pet should be treated as a senior. It is worth mentioning,

though, that a senior dog may sleep more, have breathing issues, dental

problems, among others.

A senior dog needs to be very well taken care of, because its health becomes

more fragile over the years. This is the moment it will need you even more.

Enjoy your time with it and take it for short walks in the neighborhood, avoiding

long distances. Play the same usual games with your pet, but remember that it

is no longer the same, and it will need patience and time to have fun.

Put your dog on your lap and cuddle it, because at this stage the pet will be

clingier than ever before. Besides, give preference to foods prepared

exclusively for senior dogs. It is very important that the pet eats well in this

period. Also, always pay attention to the pet’s behavior and visit the

veterinarian if the dog is showing any signs of pain or mental confusion. A dog

at its “golden years” needs plenty of love above all. Never forget that!

Thiago Marçal A. Silva

Technical Product Manager


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