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Cats: an old and delightful passion

Did you know that the first domestic cats appeared in Europe during the

Middle Ages? Since then, they’ve become a national passion and they’ve been

conquering their place in the sun. It is also believed that cats will soon replace

dogs – as the most popular pet.

Cats are cute, aren’t they? Being as affectionate, charismatic and loving as

dogs, cats have proven wrong the myth that they do not get attached to their

owners. In fact, they can form deep bonds with their owners. In addition, cats

teach that simplicity can bring happiness when having fun with a simple

cardboard box, for example.

Curiosities about cats

We have selected some peculiarities about cats that will make you even more

in love with them:

A cat can jump up to 5 times its own height. However, domestic cats may get

hurt if they fall out of high windows. All windows and doors with outside access

must have screens before you adopt a cat, ok?

Cats make about 100 different sounds, but cats purring is our favorite one,


A cat can hear high frequency sounds, about 2 octaves above any human.

When a cat is rubbing up against you, they are not only showing affection, but

also marking their territory. In other words, the pet is saying: this human is

mine! That’s possible because of the scent their glands on their face, tail and

paws release.

Look how cool: both humans and cats have identical regions in the brain

responsible for emotion.

Each female cat, on average, gives birth to between 1 and 9 cats at a time.

Remember that spaying or neutering your cat is an act of love!


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