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Proper nutrition for your pregnant or nursing cat

Unlike female dogs, pregnant cats need more energy early in pregnancy, as

well as a balanced nutrition, which is also essential.

This is important because cats need

to “store” fat as a way to

supply the

energy requirement throughout the development of the litter as well as during

lactation, which lasts 6 to 8 weeks. In the first weeks,

the cat’s energy

expenditure is very high, therefore, proper nutrition is so important. With

proper care, the cat won’t suffer from weight loss, decreased immunity, and will

also be able to produce enough milk to feed the kittens, because at the end of

pregnancy and during lactation the cat isn’t able to metabolize energy with the

same speed and amount it needs it.

Therefore, during the whole pregnancy and until the end of lactation it’s

recommended that cats are offered kitten food, as it has a higher amount of

protein and fat, and, consequently, provides more energy. It is also

recommended to double daily servings, or to allow free access to food

throughout the day, as cats usually eat several times a day in small portions.

This kind of care, along with moderate physical exercising, will ensure a

smooth pregnancy and nursing as well as strong and healthy kittens.

Another important tip is to keep your cat’s vaccination records up-to-date, and

visit the vet regularly, which is especially important at this moment.

Thiago Marçal Andrade e Silva

Veterinarian graduated from Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Technical Manager for Nutrire Indústria de Alimentos Ltd.


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