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Você gosta de cães ou gatos?


How to choose the right food for your cat?

Cats have an extremely demanding taste. In addition to a high-quality, high palatability protein formulation, felines require, regardless of the stage of life, foods containing taurine, as it is an essential amino acid that acts on heart health, minimizing the risk of heart problems, acting in the prevention of cataract. In addition, because they have thinner urinary channels, cats are more likely to have urinary obstructions. For this reason, the food must contain a strict control of minerals, especially phosphorus and magnesium, to keep the pH of the urine slightly acidic and prevent the appearance of urinary stones. Such care should be taken in all formulations, regardless of the stage of life of the felines.

On the other hand, some stages of life or special conditions require special formulations, for example puppies or castrated cats.

Growing cats, like dogs, need a greater supply of protein, as they are developing muscle mass, skin and coat, as well as greater availability of energy, to ensure the health and disposition of the puppies. Puppy food should also be indicated for females in the last 3 weeks of gestation and throughout the lactation phase as it provides all the protein, energy, vitamins and minerals needed for the mother and the baby.

In the case of castrated cats, because they assume a more homely condition, with a decrease in territorial instinct and changes in hormone levels, often combining increased appetite, the cat tends to gain weight.

Therefore a specific formulation is indicated for castrated cats, the main care is the amount of energy offered (about 20% lower), combined with the addition of L-carnitine, which acts to reduce body fat, both contributing to weight control of the cat.

Thiago Marçal Andrade e Silva. Veterinary Doctor graduated from the Federal University of Santa Maria. Technical Manager at Nutrire Indústria de Alimentos Ltda.


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