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Pet food: balance and quality

The production of pet food has been increasing rapidly in recent years and with it is also growing the search for good quality food.

Ingredients, formulation and process directly impact the quality of a pet food. The main basis is the raw material that must be from reliable suppliers, go through color verification, aroma, foreign materials, stability analyzes and guarantee levels. All these inspections must be in accordance with the company's specification, before being used in the production line. The formulation is a very important factor to meet the needs of our furry friends, it needs to be balanced and to have the proper nutritional levels. Variables such as temperature, humidity and water activity need to be controlled in order to avoid microbial proliferation and ensure that the product is fresh, tasty and nutritious from the beginning to the end of the package. To maintain standardization, variables such as size, color and product density also need to be evaluated during the process, any failure at any of these points will directly influence the final product. Physico-chemical, microbiological and sensorial analyzes should be part of the analytical routine of a company that produces food for pets.

A balanced and quality food reflects directly on the health of your four-legged friend, ensuring the willingness and energy to enjoy happy moments with those you love!

Francieli Bertoldi Cini. Food Engineer with MBA in Quality Management and Food Safety.


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