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Two new flavors at Birbo Cats

Nutrire has just launched two new Birbo Premium cat products. There are two new flavors intended for adult cats. Felines have a very demanding palate, so it is important to offer them varied option...

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Pros and cons of spaying and neutering in dogs

There are several concerns, myths and controversies when it comes to spaying or neutering dogs, such as: what’s the best age to spay or neuter your dog? What are the changes in the pet’s behavior...

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Nutrire present for the fourth time at the world's leading pet sector fair

Nutrire participates for the fourth time of Interzoo, the leading exhibition of the pet industry. The fair takes place from May 8 to 11 in the city of Nuremberg, Germany and brings together manufac...

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Proper nutrition for your pregnant or nursing dog

During pregnancy, female dogs experience several behavioral, hormonal and physical changes. Therefore, balanced nutrition is essential, both to preserve the health of the mother-to-be and to ensu...

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Nutrire participates in Global Pet Expo in the United States

For the first time, Nutrire participates in the Global Pet Expo. The fair will be held March 21-23 at the Orange County Convention Center in the city of Orlando in the United States. The fair is...

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Pet food: balance and quality

The production of pet food has been increasing rapidly in recent years and with it is also growing the search for good quality food. Ingredients, formulation and process directly impact the qual...

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