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Dogs can help prevent heart disease and even reduce the risk of allergies in children

The State University of New York, in the United States, reported the result of a study that showed the importance of pets to reduce people’s stress. However, stressed adults are not the only ones...

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Dogs and cats also go through “teenage” phase, according to expert

Believe me: pets also undergo adolescence and go through this challenging time as rebellious teens. Laziness, disobedience and desire for freedom are some of the characteristics of the young peop...

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Cold: how to protect your best friend

The cold is getting closer, isn’t it? To help you protect your pet on cold days, we have selected some important tips. We know that low temperatures affect less those pets that live in the house,...

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What’s the best collar for your pet?

Dogs love having fun, don’t they? Most of them go crazy when they hear the magic words: Let’s go for a walk! However, some precautions are important so that your pet has a safe and fun time. Man...

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How can I get rid of fleas and prevent infestations?

You’ve probably come across little black bugs crawling through your dog’s fur. Fleas are dogs and cats’ “greatest enemies”, aren’t they? Many people find it difficult to get rid of this plague, ...

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My dog is entering the “golden years”, now what?

Agility and energy are no longer the same as in the past, hearing loss is noticed, there’s some grey hair in the dog’s muzzle, ears, and extremities of the paws. These are some signs that your do...

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