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Monello Select Meat & Liver

Monello Select Meat & Liver is a high performance special premium food that meets the nutritional needs of adult cats. Free from artificial colorings and flavorings, and balanced formulation, with control over minerals and urinary pH to maintain healthy urinary tract. Monello Select Meat & Liver is supplemented with taurine, an amino acid essential to the cat’s diet, providing eye and heart care. Rich in natural antioxidants that help promote longevity, preventing the formation of free radicals, and contributing to the defenses of the cat's organism. It also has Yucca schidigera that helps reduce the odor of feces and improves the absorption of nutrients.

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Guaranteed Analisis
Crude protein (min.) 320g/kg (32%)
Crude fat (min.) 120g/kg (12%)
Crude fiber (max.) 30g/kg (3%)
Ash content (max.) 100g/kg (10%)
Calcium (min./max.) 8000mg/kg - 16g/kg (0,8%-1,6%)
Phosphorus (min./max.) 8000mg/kg - 16g/kg (0,8-1,6%)
Sodium (min.) 2500mg/kg (0,25%)
Magnesium (min./max.) 700mg/kg - 1000mg/kg (0,07%- 0,1%)
Potassium (min.) 5000mg/kg
Ômega 3 (EPA + DHA) (mín.) 2200mg/kg (0,22%)
Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) (min.) 30g/kg (3%)
Saponin (min.) 10mg/kg
Taurine (min.) 1000mg/kg
Methionine (min.) 6200mg/kg
Choline (min.) 2000mg/kg
Vitamin E (min.) 200UI/kg
Vitamin C (min.) 100mg/kg
Zinc (min.) 130mg/kg
Selenium (min.) 0,30mg/kg
Moisture (max.) 100g/kg (10%)
Weight Bar Code
1kg 7898349701541
10,1kg 7898349701565

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